Welcome everybody! We would like to introduce you to our services. We are creating  customised capsule wardrobes. Capsule wardrobe is a collection of matching clothes that can be easily interchanged between each other to create many different outfits.

Are you bored with your clothes?

Are you running out of ideas how to put a nice outfit together?

Is your wardrobe miss – matched or is it missing the basics?

Is your wardrobe packed to the rims and just needs thinning down?

Would you like to have a very minimalist style?

Are you trying to simplify your lifestyle for spiritual or environmental reasons?

Do you have a small budget for clothes and you really need to focus on what to buy?

Which ever are your reasons, here is the right place to start. We believe that capsule wardrobe is definitely the answer to all these problems. Capsule wardrobe will help you spend less time shopping and reduce the amount of items you buy. It’s something that every modern day woman needs. Our personalised look-book will contain a selection of clothes with links to the websites where you can purchase them. With this step by step guide you will change your wardrobe once and for all. We can promise you that once you have your capsule wardrobe:

You will never again be standing clueless in front of your wardrobe not knowing what to wear.

You will look forward to your next holiday without a dreading the thought of packing.

You won’t be panicking about which outfit to choose for that special occasion coming.

Welcome to the wardrobe-metamorphosis site!

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